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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  July 23, 2011 12:00am-1:05am EDT

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for watching abc news. check in on "good morning america." they'll have the very latest on the sad story out of norway. have a great weekend, everybody. >> dicky: tonight on "jimmy kimmel live" -- kyra sedgwick. >> jimmy: you weren't nominated this year. >> here in l.a., you get the call early, if you get the call. >> jimmy: i wouldn't know. i've heard. >> dicky: blind movie critic jay forry. >> there w w a movie, you probably didn't see it, years ago. >> jimmy: neither did you.u. >> that's true. >> jimmy: see, right there, that's a guy that should get a >> dicky: and music from theophilus london. "jimmy kimmel live," coming up next.
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>> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel with a word about the 3 g an troid phone that meets military specks. it's the smartphone that is as tough as it is smart. don't just take my word for it. let's dial my friend here -- [ ringing ] >> who is this? >> jimmy: hi, yehya, it's jimmy. >> hi, jimmy. jimmy kimmel. >> jimmy: yes, jimmy kimmel. we have yehya out on hollywood boulevard in a dunk tank, and -- that's my cousin sal. cousin sal's got a good arm. sal, yehya- sal is going to
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try to dunk you while you're on the phone. yehya? >> yes? >> jimmy: did you hear that? >> i hear that. >> jimmy: are you ready for this. >> i'm ready for this. >> jimmy: here we go. let him have it. little lower. okay. he's getting closer. -- oh, he's getting a lot closer. yehya? can you hear me? >> who is this? >> jimmy: still jimmy. >> jimmy kimmel, i don't believe this. >> jimmy: look at that. it still works. >> dicky: the casio commando. available sclufly at verizon wireless. "jimmy kimmel live," back in two minutes with kyra sedgwick. blind movie critic jay forry. and music from theophilus london. i never saw the traffic stop.
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so we created stacked, stuffed and topped entrees, starting at $9.99. stacked, stuffed and topped! i like things smooshed. we'll work on that. [ male announcer ] only at applebee's. open 'til midnight or later. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's
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"jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- kyra sedgwick. blind movie critic jay forry. and music from theophilus london. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's "jimmyimmel live" >> dicky: and now, don't move. here's jimmy kimiml! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's very nice. thank you. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for coming tonight. thanks. if you're watching at home, i hope you're cool. you know, heat warnings have been issued in 17 states across america. temperatures have been over 100 degrees. so, think of me as a large meat flavored popsicle tonight. [ laughter ] why do they give heat warnings?
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i'm pretty good figuring out that it's hot on my own. you think they do it so if you pass out, they say, hey, we gave you a heat warning, yet you went out and got hot. if only we had some sort of device to cool the air. now that would be something. in oklahoma yesterday, 13 government buildings were closed due to insufficient air conditioning. the governor declared the entire state a mcconaughey zone, which means it's legal to go to work without a shirt on. in knoxville, iowa the heat index, which i think is the summer version of windchill, got up to 131 degrees. i think you can bake cook keies 131 degrees. why is this happening? did god leave a space heater on? this is why we should switch to celsius. in europe, rarely does it get over 40 degrees because they have celsius over there. [ applause ] thank you. meanwhile, billionaire media tycoon rupert murdoch was sweating a lot this morning.
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he and his son james testified before the british house of commons. rupert murdoch owns news corp. which owns the fox network and a number of newspapers, includin "news of the world," whichh is tabloid that allegedly hacked into the phones of 4,000 people mostly celebrities. apparently they couldn't wait the 10 minutes for victoria beckham to tweet what she ate for lunch. they needed to know immediately. of course she does not eat lunch. we know that. [ applause ] but they may also have targeted politicians and even some victims of crimes to get stories, which is a big deal. so they brought rupert murdoch in for questioning to find out how much of this he knew about. and throughout the interrogation, he did an odd thing. he kept pounding on the table. watch this. >> i need to say something. and this is not an excuse. maybe an explanation.
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"news of the world" is less than 1% of our company. employ 53,000 people around the world who are proud and great and ethical and -- [ [ ughter ] >> jimmy: he did finally get it. so, i guess it was a fly. you know, some people -- [ applause ] kind of interesting. i i don't know rupert murdoch o much about him, but some people think he was intentionally appearing to be confused. i don't know, he's an 80-year-old man. don't you have to now how to use a cell phone before you can hack into one? he paiai$580 million for myspace. obviously he knows nothing about technology. [ laughter ] rupert said that he was embarrassed and that today was the most humble day of his life. mostly because every other day involves him swimming in a bathtub full of money like scrooge mcduck. [ laughter ] but take a look at this. now, the guy sitting -- oh, no,
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wait, the guy sitting behind him, note the position of his shirt collar. like somebody forgot to shave down his devil horns before he left the castle this morning. rupert's son james also had a distraction behihi him. now, right behind james is joel klein, the guy now touching his nose. he's an executive haven't at news corp. he's in charge of the internal investigation and he's -- he started digging for clues in his nose and then he started going for his head. his ears. and examining the pickings, or the findings, as they're called in an evidentiary hearing. if this goes on any longer, he will not have a head left. he's going to have just a -- now, see there? that's a guy that should get a monkey, right? [ applause ] he's got the money.
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got the inclination, certainly. the most interesting part of the hearing today came when a man suddenly attacked rupert murdoch with a pie. which, i think it's nice that people are still throwing pies. it's like seeing somebody wear a walkman or something. but well, here's the video. okay, now. he's being asked a question. by an unusually good-looking questioner. i don't know how that happened. now watch this. the pie guy comes in there and -- my favorite part is this policeman. you see that guy? hold on. can we show that in slow motion? watch this again. okay. so, the pie -- his wife attacks the guy with the pie. and here comes the policeman. [ laughter ] and now comes a woman in a jacket with tails. she looks like a conductor or something. like an episode of "benny hill." then the queen comes in. spongebob, of course. and finally, the ham-burglar.
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it's like a "monty python" sketch. by the way, when you hit someone with a pie, what message are you sending? i disapprove of your actions, or, your face is about to get something delicious in it? in other business news, borders, which is the country's second largest campaign of bookstores, announced yesterday it will liquidate its stock and close all its stores nationwide. which, i don't think this is what the republicans meant by closing our borders, but what are you going to do? [ applause ] but i'll tell you something, and if i can be serious for a moment, this is what happens when oprah retires. we all stop reading. [ laughter ] borders has been around for a long time. there's one right down the block from us and it's weird to see them going away. i guess people realize that if you order from amazon, there's much slimmer chance of getting a book with a booger wiped inside of it. borders emplpled more than 10,000 people who will lose their jobs, which is a shame. but i think i figured out a way to save borders.
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with a couple of very small changes. borders could reinvent itself into a business that americans love, which is hooters. just switch a few letters around. [ applause ] you know, my book club has been meeting at hooters for years. here in california, ventura county sheriff officials said they found and eradicated 68,000 marijuana plants. valued at more than $205 million. they discovered camp sites in the mountains with tents, sleeping bags, fertilizer, several million dollars worth of smores. [ laughter ] it was -- they called the fire department in to burn the marijuana. they brought the world's largest bong and set it on fire. and then everyone headed to denny's for all you can eat griddle cakes. but -- [ applause ] you know, pot is kind of legal here. i'm -- 2 $0 million worth of pot burped. meanwhile, because of budget cuts, kids in l.a. have to bring their own toilet paper to
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school. couldn't we have just held an enormous bake sale with some very special brownies on it? [ applause ] yes, we could have. do you think snoop dogg feels a disturbance in the force when -- [ laughter ] like when obi wan felt alderon get blown up? last night on "the bachelorette," ashley narrowed the field down to three men. and guess what? she'sarrying all of them. e's a polygamist. i've been losing interest in this season of "the bachelorette" lately. so, we put this together. this highlights three of the most interesting things on the show. when ashley or someone s s "like." when ashley or someone says "connection." they say that a lot. and when she plays with her bangs. >> like. >> like. >> like. >> connection. >> bangs. >> like. >> like. >> connection. >> bangs. >> like. >> connection. >> bangs. >> like. >> connection. >> bangs. bangs. bangs. >> like, like, like. connectionon, bangs. only on abc.
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>> jimmy: see, now that -- i think that's more entertaining. [ applause ] meanwhile, on a another beloved reality program, tonight on "deadliest catch," this is a show about crab fishermen in alaska. they are in an intense environment. people actually die trying to catch crabs, which, i caught them in college very easily. [ laughter ] but anyway, on tonight's episode, the captain of the ship had a physical altercation with one of the cameramen from the show. it was pretty good. we thought it would be better if we took the audio from the fight and changed out the video from the show with video from the superman cartoon. and, well, we were right. >> hey. you don't do [ bleep ] and here. >> what are you talking about? >> i've asked you to make me a [ bleep ] pot of coffee three [ bleep ] times this season and you're too busy sleeping. >> i'm too busy sleeping making -- >> don't you [ bleep ] get in my face, do you understand me? do you understand? >> what the [ bleep ] is that? >> you don't [ bleep ] -- >> go to bed or go on deck --
12:16 am
>> get out of my [ bleep ] face. [ applause ] >> jimmy: the man of steel has quite a potty mouth. they used his heat vision to boil the crabs instantly. one more thing. some sad news, as celebrity couple jennifer lopez and marc anththy announced that after seven years of marriage, they're filing for divorce. friends say the couple drifted apart when she saw a picture of them together and realized he looks like a goblin wearing sunglasses. but it's said. you know, you hate to see two people you don't know at all splitting up for reasons that are entirely none of your business. but no one was more upset about this t tn our parking lot security guard guillermo. right, guillermo? guillermo actually tweeted about this while we were on break. yeah, there it is. "well, jennifer lopez and marc anthony split. no good. i love them as a couple." why did you love them as a couple? >> they look good together. >> jimmy: they look good together? >> yeah. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah. >> jimmy: all right.
12:17 am
well, obviously this was hard news for guillermo to hear. but i thought it would be nice if we learned something from this unpleasant experience. bad things sometimes happen. i thought it might be helpful for those of you out there who have to break the news to your security guards -- i'm not saying this is how you have to do it, but this is how i handled it and i think it worked out okay. guillermo. can i talk to you for a second? >> wait, give me a minute. okay. go ahead. >> jimmy: i'm not sure how to tell you this so i'm just going to come right out and say it. j. lo and marc anthony are getting divorced. >> oh, no. divorced? >> jimmy: yeah. we still have lamar odom and khloe kardashian, right? >> no! no! no! no!
12:18 am
no! no! no! no! no! >> jimmy: guillermo. >> no! i got to go do something crazy, jimmy. muy crazy! >> jimmy: muy crazy? >> no! no! no! no! >> hey, watch it! >> just drive, stranger. >> jimmy: so, that's how you do it. [ applause ] it works for landscapers, too. hey, we have a good show for you tonight. blind movie critic jay forry is here with us. we're ghog going to speak to hip. we have music from theophilus london. and we'll be right back with kyra sedgwick, so stick around. [ female announcer ] it's 9 pm.
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>> jimmy: guillermo, can i talk to you?? >> give me a minute. okay. go ahead. >> jimim: i'm -- i'm not sure how to put this so i'm just going to come right out and say it. marc anthony and j. lo are getting divorced. we still have lamar odom and khloe kardashian and which ever kardashian he's married to, though, right? >> no! no! no! no! no! no!
12:24 am
>> jimmy: and that's how you do it. [ applause ] the bloopers. welcome back. tonight on the program, very interesting guy. his name is jay forry. he's a blind movie critic, which sounds like a character from "saturday night live," but isn't. he's real and he's blind and he's here tonight. and i told him i look like george clooney, so everybody play along. and then with music from this -- oh. well, i guess he can't be on the show tonight. boy, i am so red faced. this has never happened before. this is a disaster. this is his new album. it just came out today. it's called "timez are weird these days." theophilus london. we need a net or something. maybe a miniature trampoline like here in case anything like that ever happens again. tomorrow night, we'll be joined
12:25 am
by john stamos. from "pretty little liars," ashley benson will be here. and we'll have music from m owl city. so please join us then. our first guest tonight is a superb and emmy-winning actress who is no degrees from kevin bacon. he's her husband. you can see her now in her seventh and final season of "the closer." monday nights at 9:00 on tnt. please say hello to kyra sedgwick. >> jimmy: you look great. thanks for coming. >> wow. you look really great. >> jimmy: do you really -- >> doesn't he? i mean -- [ cheers and applause ] no, seriously. tan and svelt. >> j jmy: i did get tan. yeah. >> i could see you getting mistaken for george clooney. >> jimmy: particularly by our next guest, yes. how is everything going? how is kevin? >> good. he's great. yes, he's good. >> jimmy: you know, i don't want to bring up a sore subject.
12:26 am
but last year, you won the emmy for "the closer." this year, you did not get nominated. >> yeah. >> jimmy: what do you think happened there? >> gosh, i don't know. i -- i don't know. >> jimmy: it's kind of weird, isn't it? >> it was kind of weird. it was kind of a sad morning. i'm not going to lie. >> jimmy: was it really? >> yeah, a little bit. you know -- you -- here in l.a., you get the call early, if you get the call. >> jimmy: yeah, i wouldn't know, but i've heard, yeah. [ laughter ] >> and, you know, of course, when the news is good, everyone wants to call you, but when it's bad, it's crickets. >> jimmy: so nobody called at all? >> no call. >> jimmy: who usually calls you? >> your publicist. >> jimmymyokay. >> and there was no call. >> jimmy: my publicist calls you? i was wondering what he was doing. so, you are kind of waiting by the phone, or are you sleeping at the time? >> well, i have to admit, i woke up early. >> jimmy: you did? >> i had bad dreams all night about it and i kind of thought maybe it wasn't going to happen. so, i must have sensed
12:27 am
something. >> jimmy: this would be, by the way, a great time to crank call your other celebrity friends. at 5:00 in the morning when they are waiting for that call, you could really -- >> that would have been awesome. >> jimmy: we have to make a note of that. >> oh, my god. but -- you know, and then afterwards there was all these ticles, you know, about everything, and then -- >> jimmy: saying you should have been nominated? >> and i'm not comfortable with the word "snub," but -- [ laughter ] but you know, i'm such a controlling, like, you know, solution-oriented person that i actually thought, well, you know, when i finally called my publicist and said, what's going on? and she said, you didn't get nominated. i thought, well, surely there's something we can do. i mean -- there's a call that can be made. maybe kevin can call. >> jimmy: really? you wanted kevin to mama some calls? >> no, it's just -- and then you're like, no, actually, no. >> jimmy: too late at a certain point. even kevin could not solve this
12:28 am
crisis. >> but you know, my cast member was, mary mcdonald was nominated, so, we were very happy for her. >> jimmy: yeah, sure. >> so that made it all okay. >> jimmy: did it really? >> yes, it really did. [ applause ] >> jimmy: more or less, right? i mean, takes a little bit of the sting. maybe it adds sting. i don't know. >> it took the sting out. absolutely. >> jimmy: why is the show ending? why is this the last season of the show? >> um -- i just really felt like it would be great to go out on top, you know? >> jimmy: i see. >> i just thought it would a really great thing. it's been a long time. it's been seven years. you know, i don't want people to ge bored and start hating us. you stay around too long and you start smelling. >> jimmy: you have to start, like, adopting a cute kid on the show or something like that to keep it fresh. >> exactly. >> jimmy: and is something terrible to going to happen to you at the end? have you guys figured this out? >> i have no idea what's going to happen. >> jimmy: you don't. >> no, i don't. >> jimmy: do they know what's going to happen? >> i hope so.
12:29 am
>> jimmy: you live in new york, right? >> yes. >> jimmy: and you shoot the show out here. >> yeah, we shoot out here. >> jimmy: so, how much of the year are you here? >> six months out of the year. >> jimmy: oh, wow. so, you are half and half then. you miss new york? >> i do. i miss new york. i love new york. i mean, i grew up in new york. i'm like a fourth generation new yorker. kind of in my blood. >> jimmy: do the paparazzi chase you around out there, too? >> no. we're so boring. they could care less about us. >> jimmy: you don't do anything weird? >> we're so boring. we're a crushing bore. but i actuallll was leaving a theater on 42nd street a couple of months ago and tmz, you know tmz, right, you must be familiar -- >> jimmy: i'm not familiar with them. >> or the emmys. >> jimmy: those animals with their video cameras. yes. >> so i walked out and this guy stuck a camera in my face and said, what do you think of 42nd street? and i was like, oh -- normally i would just put my head down, keep on walking, i'm on my way home.
12:30 am
but then i started to think about, i actually have a feeling about this. lie like, i really had some thoughts about what has happened to 42nd street. and i suddenly started thinking, this is the perfect venue to talk about how i feel about what's happened on 42nd street. you know, because it's like totally homogenized. so, i said, you know what, i'm not so happy with what's happened. it's totally business-fied. disney everywhere. look at this place, it's all lit up, like daytime, you know, and it's midnight. and i started to get really excited. i said, i mean, how many, you know, waste of energy having to light up this place. i mean, you know how many mountaintops had to be mined to get enough energy to light this place up like it's 11:00? [ applause ] >> jimmy: really? >> yeah, really. and then i said, you know, [ laughter ]iss the titty bars.
12:31 am
>> jimmy: you do? [ applause ] >> so, what do you think ended up on tmz? >> jimmy: i'm going to guess that last part is what ended up on tmz. they left the stuff about the mountains out? well, in a way, they are mountains of different kinds. we're going to take break. when we come back, kyra sedgwick is here. "the closer" airs mondays at 9:00 p.m. on tnt. we'll be right back.
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>> jimmy: well, hello there, welcome back. we're here with kyra sedgwick. next up, jay forry, a blind movie reviewer. and we'll have music from theophilus london. last time you were here, you were talking about your mom. who is a little bit of a character, right? how is she doing? >> she's great. she's great. >> jimmy: does she get excited about seeing you on television? >> she does. she gets excited, yes. and she likes to watch old episodes, too. no, she's great. every monday, i get the call, you know, it was great. angely angel. that's what she calls me. >> jimmy: angely angel. not just an angel, but an angely angel? >> that's really nice. i know. you got to love that. yeah. [ applause ] the other day she called me and
12:37 am
she said, angely angel, i was watching some old episodes of "the closer." you look so beautiful. of course, you were younger then. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: she did. >> she did. >> jimmy: do you think she's relishing in the fact that her daughter is now aging, a awell? >> oh, gosh, i hope not. >> jimmy: maybe. >> i don't know. >> jimmy: you never know with moms. does she come and visit you on the set? >> yes, yes, she comes to visit me on the set. >> jimmy: is that good? when she comes? >> it's great, it's great. i bheen, she watches a lot of live theater, so, when she came to the set the last time, this sound guy was really sweet and he put her in a nice high director's chair and she got to watch the monitor and she had ear, you know -- >> jimmy: headphones? >> thank you. headphones. and she, you know, i was doing a scene where i said something funny and she said, "hahaha." and the director goes, "cut, cut, cut, someone's laughing." >> jimmy: oh, she laughed while --
12:38 am
>> mom, you can't -- >> jimmy: you can't laugh at angely while she's performing. >> exactly. she kept going. i did another scene where something was sad and she went, "oh." cut, cut, cut. mom. it's not theheheater. it's live tv. >> jimmy: she's disruptive. >> yes. >> jimmy: but she enjoyed the experience overall? >> she did. a couple of days after she left town, i put her on the plane and a couple of days after she left, the sound guy comes over to me kind of sheepishly and he says, i hate to accuse your mom, but i can't find those headsets. >> jimmy: really? >> and i called her. i said, mom, did you take those headsets? she said, i thought you were supposed to take them with you, like they let you on the plane. for the next time you come. >> jimmy: so, she did take the headphones? wow. your mother's a criminal. is that -- have you -- well, you play police chief on the show.
12:39 am
have you had experiences on the wrong side of the law? >> i have -- well, yeah, but minor. >> jimmy: 42nd street, perhaps? [ laughter ] nothing like that? >> no. no. minor. i did -- i did actually consider homicide when i was in third grade. >> jimmy: in the third grade? >> i was in thehe third grade. >> jimmy: who were you planning to homicide? >> well, you know -- they were really mean girls in my school. >> jimmy: oh, i see. >> they really -- they deserved it. >> jimmy: give me one of their names. >> i remember their names, too. >> jimmy: you do? >> i actually really did considered it, you know? >> jimmy: how were you going to do it? >> i was going to do it by making a poison potion of eraser dust and the secret ingredient, pencil shavings. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: and then how would that get into them? >> well, we had juice and cookie time.
12:40 am
and, you know, you always had a chore and you were either a juice girl or cookie girl. and i was going to wait until i was juice girl. >> jimmy: oh, yeah. that's when you strike. >> that's when -- and i literally went so far as to make the little pacts and put their names on them -- >> jimmy: really? oh, my goodness. [ applause ] what -- why would you -- what did they do to you that made this -- >> well, you know, what they would do is, they would wait until you were sick and then they would call you up at home, like, they would get to make one call to you at home and there were three of them. they would go into the nurse -- >> jimmy: why did they get to make one call? was it like prison or something? >> i know. and they would say, hi, kyra, how are you doing? and i'd be like, i'm sick, i don't feel very well. and they would say, gosh, school is just not the same without you. and i was like, really? but i knew it wasn't good.
12:41 am
and then they would go, one, two, three, we hate you, bye! >> jimmy: oh, no. well -- >> it was horrible. >> jimmy: you know what, i'm glad you killed them with eraser. [ applause ] well, you know, kids are terrible. >> they are awful. they are absolutely awful. and what was the nurse thinking, like, didn't she see what was going on? >> jimmy: nurses are evil, also. [ laughter ] well, thank you for being here. it's always great to see you. >> thank you. >> jimmy: kyra sedgwick, everyone. "the closer," the final season, mondays at 9:00 on tnt. we'll be right back with blind movie critic jay forry. [ man ] this is my robot butler. say i'm missing england. i type in e-n-g... and he gives me a variety of options. would you like to have a look at a map, my lad?
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>> jimmy: well, hello. we are back. ovov the past two dozen years, our next guest has reviewed hundndds of movies without seeing a single one of them. please welcome blind movie critic, jay forry. hello, jay. [ cheers and applause ] jay, lest people think this is a comedy bit of some kind, you really are a movie reviewer, a movie critic. you are registered with the society or whatever there is? >> yeah, i'm a member of the broadcast films critics association. we vote on movies every year. >> jimmy: did you have to apply far position in that association? >> yes. i -- eight years ago, i had to apply. they had to make sure i do enough radio reviews. that's what i'm famous for. >> jimmy: i heard you on my friend kevin and bean on kroc have a show that you call into a lot. and you actually sincerely review the movies, though you can't see them at all.
12:52 am
>> exactly right. yeah. what i do is, someone has to take me down to the movie. i can't drive yet, even though i'm blind. but -- so, someone takes me, i go in and -- before i do the movie, i do a little bit of research. i know -- i want to know what the setting is, what the date, the time, and then i go to the movie. i don't want to go in blind. i want to know what's going on. [ applause ] >> jimmy: are there advantages? i would imagine there would be, in a way. are there advantagag -- besides, like, if somebody tall is sitting in front of you, you don't have to worry about it. are there advantages to being blind as far as reviewing a movie goes? >> well, one of the advantages is, for example, i don't have to worry about -- i'm listening for good sound, if it's -- there's a movie called "master and commander" and it had, you could hear the sound of the sail hitting the, in the wind, the waves hitting the ship.
12:53 am
and the sounds and good dialogue make a difference. yeah. while other people are watching gorgeous women, special effects in 3d, i'm listening to actual plot and story line. >> jimmy: right. so, like, you have no idea what megan fox, for instance, looks like? >> well, not unless -- well, we won't go there. [ applause ] >> jimmy: okay, so, do have a seeing eye dog side kick that gives paws up or anything? >> no, you know what? jimmy, this is funny. when i first became a movie critic, and i had only been blind a few years, i got a dog, seeing eye dog. a big black k b. and i was with my wife, we're going into the movie, and i wasn't doing screenings yet. still doing the radio. and so we're walking in, we'e' at the front, and he had never been to a movie theater before, big black lab. he's a little nervous. so, of course, we're outside, he pees on the sidewalk.
12:54 am
i go, oh, no. what else can happen? we get inside the lobby, okay, he takes a dump right in the lobby. so, my wife -- we got popcorn, she dumps the popcorn out, cleans it up. now, the movie has started. and we're standing back there and she's looking for a seat. and, all of a sudden, somebody screams. i go, oh, my wife rushes to the seat. i go, what happened? she goes, the dog's name was omar, she goes, there's a guy there sitting back there in the dark, kind of leaned down like this and omar had stuck his nose in the guy's ear. and when the guy looked over, he sees this big black face, just, ahh, he screamed. >> jimmy: so omar doesn't come to the movies anymore. >> exactly. well, i only had him six months, because i always had people taking me -- >> jimmy: you have seeing eye people. >> right. my wife was going to get a t-shirt that says, don't pet me, i'm working, so -- [ laughter ]
12:55 am
>> jimmy: and how long have you been blind? >> oh, i've been blind 22, 23 years. >> jimmy: and before that, were you a movie critic? >> no, i was a foreman for a steel crew. believe it or not. i guess if i wanted to keep on doing that, i'd need a seeing eye cat, i guess. >> j jmy: what made you decide that, okay, well, now i'm blind, i should probably start reviewing movies? [ laughter ] >> believe it or not, i went back to college. i went to college, i went to community college in florida and while i was there, first of all, i wanted to really be -- get involved in college excitement and experience. so, i ran for student government and -- vice president, and i won, because all over the school, vote for jay forry, vice president, he has the vision. and i won.
12:56 am
anyway -- [ applause ] someone asked me, say, jay, you want to write something for the school newspaper? i said, i'll be the movie critic! i started my column, "blind side." made a website. i was actually graduated from college and one day i was asked to do a news show and on the news show was another movie critic and a radio host, todd is a host, m.j. in the morning, in tampa, my home host, and he asked me -- at the time, i never met him before. he said, jay, you got to do this on radio. and, you know how radio is. we do one -- i did 50 interviews that next week. and it's been -- been doing it ever since. >> jimmy: because you're blind and reviewing movies and it's kind of crazy. >> what's wrong with that? >> jimmy: hey, what do you think of 3d? [ laughter ] >> they're all zero d to me. >> jimmy: what about "avatar?" did you like that?
12:57 am
i mean, i'm trying to imagine watching that with my eyes closed and i don't know how interesting it wouldldave been. >> it felt like -- the plot was just like a western. i didn't enjoy it. the visuals, obviously were what it was all about. it wasn't a bad movie, but if you're blind, not the best. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what's your r vorite movie of all time? >> oh -- you know, it's hard to believe, because i'm blind, you would think, you know, this would not be, but "the sixth sense." it's a great, you know, is a great story, great twists and turns. i'm a little jealous, jimmy. the boy in the film has six senses, i only have four. [ applause ] >> jimmy: and what movie -- what's the movie that you saw that you just went, like, i don't like this at all, maybe something that other people enjoyed? >> john travolta around? >> jimmy: he's sitting right beside you. [ laughter ]
12:58 am
>> there was a movie, you probably didn't see it, years ago -- >> jimmy: neither did you. >> that's true. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: which one was it? >> one called "battlefield earth." >> jimmy: oh, yeah, yeah. >> that movie was so bad. if i could have found the door to the theater, i would have left. i was stuck there! [ applause ] >> jimmy: well, this is great. i mean, you really -- i guess -- do you find you're inspiring other blind people to go to the movies? >> actually, once in awhile, i hear someone, you know, that is -- a lot of times i hear that blind people go to movies. they actually now have things at some theaters where you can wear, like, a headset and the movies are described, so, there are some theaters that actually have that. i always have somebody with me, i go to the screenings early, i'm spoiled, so -- >> jimmy: yeah, sure. you're a big shot there. >> exactly.
12:59 am
>> jimmy: well, thank you so much for being here. great to have you. and you can read jay's works on his website, jay forry, everybody. we'll be right back with theophilus london.
1:00 am
1:01 am
>> jimmy: hi there, we're back. this is his first full-length album. it's called "timez are weird these days." here with the song "i stand alone," theophilus london.
1:02 am
♪ the journey starts beneath the stars i stand alone i put all my fears ♪ ♪ through all these years and swept away the known and know i'll run this town to be near you ♪ ♪ and know the grey skies ever turn blue i stand alone i stand alone ♪ ♪ i stand alone i stand alone the rain is phenomenal the way that it falls ♪ ♪ slamming down like a domino and lay in the moss today is a new day i'm looking for new prey ♪
1:03 am
♪ i'm tryna survive tryna take in this loss ♪ ♪ the clothes don't make the man it's the man that makes the clothes ♪ ♪ and if this war doesn't end it's nothing left to fight and i'll assure you after tonight ♪ ♪ i stand alone i stand alone i stand alone ♪ i'd run this town to be near you ♪ ♪ i stand alone ♪ it's the skill and the confidence the will and the dominance the deeper you get ♪ ♪ the more the reaper is prominent when uncle sam knock on the door ♪ ♪ tell em that i'm headed for the dock on the shore and sailing away ♪ ♪ ain't coming with just pack for the stay cuz i'm finna get if the war don't end ♪ ♪ it's nothing left to fight and i'll assure you
1:04 am
after tonight till i stand alone ♪ ♪ the journey starts beneath the stars i stand alone i put all my fears ♪ ♪ through all these years and swept away the known and know i'll run this town to be near you ♪ ♪ and know do grey skies ever turn blue i stand alone i stand alone ♪ ♪ i stand alone i run this town to be near you i stand alone grey skies ever turn blue i stand alone ♪ ♪ i stand alone


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